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prompt community for meta pertaining to various fandoms.
Your Thoughts On is a meta prompt comm - a community where we discuss the nuts and bolts of fandom. Everything from "how Transformer sex and gender work" to "what are the language pitfalls you see in fics that you'd like corrected" or "politics between Romulans and Cardassians" or "details for writers about shooting and caring for a gun" are welcome as topics here. We cater to fandom specific and fandom general posts.

Social issues are not the absolute focus of this comm, but that doesn't mean they won't come up in a fandom specific post or in a general prompt. We'll be making the effort to handle those issues respectfully. However.

This is not a "safe space". Offensive icons and commentary won't be tolerated, and we'll do our best to maintain a civil atmosphere. As it's a moderated comm, all posts will be screened to the best of our ability as well.

But a) we're not perfect gods. We're bound to make the occasional gaff. And b) since this is a discussion comm, people need to be able to come here and say stupid things so you can tell them they're wrong! This is a learning space for people to have dialogues and become educated. Sooner or later we'll all wind up with egg on our face, and that's okay, because this is the place to make mistakes and learn from them, without having the entire brouhaha follow into personal journals.

If there is an accessibility issue, please let us know.

Posting Guide:

Posting to the yourthoughtson community is pretty much as easy as posting to your private journal. The big difference is that posts are moderated to ensure that the content is on topic. (For example: Moderation ensures that the topic of a post is fandom meta and not ranting about the prickly things on a grasshopper's legs.)

The secondary function of having posts moderated is to keep from flooding your FList if a large number of submissions are made each day; per the community information, we will only be allowing four posts each day. This is a reasonable number for people who are active readers of their FList, as well as those who might not check in as often. If you submit after those four entries, your submission will simply stay in queue for the next day.

Basic Posts

At the beginning of each month we post a mod entry with three discussion topics (Example), and people then discuss them in the comments (Example), or post new full-sized entries to the comm (Example).

Full-Sized Entries: Meta posts with topics unrelated to the prompts are also welcome, though we ask that you keep all comments on posts on topic.

Staying on Topic

The rules of the community require members to stay on topic, but this is also good posting and commenting etiquette. If a posted meta is discussing the war on Cybertron, is the OP - or anyone else reading it - going to care what new trick your kitten learned that day? In addition, by staying on topic, the conversation is able to develop and may help to reduce future instances of the oft-dreaded "repeat topic."

Since there is also the ability to add meta that isn't specifically about the prompts, it's also important to keep replies to those topics on topic as well. That way, each topic post can become its own complete discussion.

Sometimes, a topic might spin off other topics. Say you're reading through the meta prompts, or you're reading a comment thread on a posted meta, and you think, "Wow, I have a lot of thoughts about this...I could probably write a long post, and not just a comment!" This is a perfect opportunity! New meta is always welcome, which is why this comm allows you to choose to either reply to a prompt via a comment on the prompt post or to reply via an entirely new meta post. Perhaps a prompt suggests a meta topic to you that isn't exactly the same, but is peripherally related - there's another great opportunity for a new meta post! On the other hand, if you're reading a post and think, "That's interesting, but I only have a couple of sentences of my own to add to the conversation," feel free to comment. Sometimes even short comments will inspire new thoughts by others reading the thread.

New Ideas are Awesome

Don't be afraid to suggest new ideas or angles on a topic! In fact, it's encouraged - simply rehashing what's already said lends itself to circular conversations and dead end threads. Rather than simply restating the original post or replying with a one word "THIS," try to expand on the topic with new or additional thoughts of your own. This helps everyone learn something new.

New Ideas DO NOT Include Derailing and Trolling

Throwing out a random comment such as "I likez turtles" or posting intentionally inflammatory remarks (ex: entering a conversation about feminism with the comment "lead female char needs to go whoop me up a sammich") are not only against the rules, they do not make you 'cool' or 'a free thinker.' If you want to state a contradictory or unpopular opinion, or if you want to see those angles discussed, there are polite and civilized ways to do it. If you cannot think of one, this community might not be right for you.

Posts that violate the rules and/or are derailing/trolling posts will be frozen and warned by the moderators (Example).

Be Prepared to Take Responsibility for Your Post

Whether you post a topic or make a comment on an existing topic, be prepared to accept that not everyone is going to agree with you. This includes topics that are considered political hot topics! For example, if you are discussing Carla's (Scrubs) debate between being a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, it is important to recognize that there are people who support either side of the issue and that there are valid arguments for both. Just because someone posts a reply that you don't agree with doesn't give you the right to flame them or attempt to keep them from posting through harassment, belittlement, etc. Likewise, if your comment is not well-received by others, recognize that they have the right to post their disagreement in a constructive, polite manner.

LJ Cuts

If you are writing a lengthy meta, or if you include videos, images or other embedded objects as references or supporting material, please put the bulk of the post behind an lj-cut. This helps to keep reading or browsing the main page easy, and it keeps the posts from stretching or breaking FLists. A good rule of thumb is to post the title (if you have one in the body of the post) and the first three sentences of your meta outside the cut, with the rest behind it. That way, readers will have some idea what the post is about, but it's not too bulky for layouts and display. (Example)


One last thing before you post that awesome new meta - be sure that it is tagged! Tags are an easy way for readers browsing the community to find meta that is relevant to their interests. A new member might come into the community and think, "Hmm, I wonder if they have any Sailor Moon meta here." The answer would be to look at the tags list - if everyone who writes about Sailor Moon tags their post as "Sailor Moon," (among other relevant topics) all that reader has to do is click on it and they will be taken to a listing of all of the topics about it.

Learning how to do tags is easy. If you're completely new to tags, take a minute to read LiveJournal's FAQ on tags. This will give you basic info about tags as well as how to use them.

Our community is currently set so that only the Maintainers can add new tags or add/remove tags from already-posted entries. Any member who posts meta can add existing tags to their post prior to submitting it. If a tag you want is missing, please drop us a PM so that we can add it!

If you have any questions about posting, feel free to PM crabapplered or artistbettyanne for help.

Enjoy the community! <3


- The Golden Rule: You do not have to agree with a post, you do not have to comment on a post, and you are not always right. Disagreement, debates and arguments are encouraged, trolling and dogpiling are not.

- No dogpiling. Either have a well reasoned argument, or ignore whoever's making you foam at the mouth. There are bound to be people you can't reason with. If you feel they get into outright offensive behaviour, please let a mod know, and we'll look into it.

- No offensive icons or hate speech. Please note that if the mods find it offensive, it is, and if they want it removed, it should be. This isn't up for debate. We will ask nicely, though. Failure to comply with result in either freezing/deletion of the offensive content, or banning.

- No personal attacks. You're not infants, so name calling shouldn't be a tool in your debating kit.

- All posting and content goes into the comm proper. No linking to personal journals. I know you might want to hoard comments and I sympathize, but we cannot moderate properly if the content isn't in our comm.

- Please warn for possible triggers such as discussion of rape, torture, etc. Please also warn for Not Safe For Work Content. All icons used on the comm should be safe for work.

- No fancy text. Your basic bold, italic, and underline tags are permissible as emphasis, but your text stays the default size and colour. Break this rule and your post or comment will be deleted or refused.

- Flouncing is not permitted. Leave the comm when you want, for whatever reason you want. And if there's a specific issue making you want to quit, please feel free to drop us a PM to let us know why. But if you're going to make a huge kerfluffle about how you're OMG leaving forevah! then we will gladly help you keep that promise and ban you.

- No deleting posts. Also a banning offence.

- Rules will be edited, added or adjusted as needed. Please don't act like an asshat just because it seems allowed by the rules.